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Course Enrollment

Registration is easy – you can choose your classes online through the UMass Boston GSSP Portal!

Note: Registration is only for credit courses. ESL course schedules will be provided to students upon arrival.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow.Or see the enrollment guide for a visual step-by-step guide.

  1. In order to register for classes, UMass Boston requires a 50% tuition payment for undergraduate students and 60% tuition payment for graduate students to register for your courses. Your invoice is listed on your UMass Boston GSSP Acceptance letter. Please check your payment options.
  2. If you do not have any outstanding conditions and your fees have been paid, then you’re ready to select your courses! Review the Pre-Arrival Guide, Enrollment Guide and Student Handbook. These resources will give you more information about the enrollment process and which courses you can register for.
  3. Log in to your UMass Boston email and WISER accounts. If you have any trouble accessing either account, please contact
  4. Take ALEKS Math placement exams (Undergraduate GSSP and Academic students only) and English Placement Exam (Undergraduate GSSP students only) – Instructions on how to take your placement exams can be found in the Enrollment Guide. If you do not take your placement exams, your course selection for your first semester will be limited and you will not be able to select the courses that you wish to take. ESL and PMP students are not required to take placement exams.
  5. Log onto your Navitas Student Portal account. The Portal is where all UMass Boston GSSP students can get program updates, check their account balance, and register for classes. You will NOT be able to register until you’ve paid your tuition and taken the Math (ALEKS) and English Placement exams. If you neglect to complete these steps prior to arrival, UMass Boston GSSP will choose your classes for you. Instructions for how to log into the Portal and register for courses can be found in the Enrollment Guide.
  6. You can now select your courses and create a time table that suits your preferences simply by clicking on the required list of courses and enrolling. Undergraduate 3-semester students will need to choose 3 classes with UNI101, Undergraduate 2-semester students will need to choose 4 classes plus UNI101. Graduate students will choose courses based on your major. Check the Enrollment Guide for more details. ESL students will take placement exams during Orientation, and schedules will be emailed prior to the start of classes.
  7. Once you’ve completed your registration, click on the “Timetable” tab to see what classes you are taking. You can find additional course information in the Student Handbook.

Check the pre-arrival checklist for more details and dates for your program and intake.
If you have trouble registering in your classes, please contact the UMass Boston Student Success Team at

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